Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Please ?

My new(ish) computer is FRIED .. it may take up to 2 weeks to fix or come to the conclusion that they give me a new one .. I can't access my cogeco mail account as of yet .. which has all of my email addresses on it of course ..
So ... if anyone is going to email me please use
This is totally frustrating .. but I am lucky to be able to use Garden PA's computer so at least I can squeak by for a bit ... arghhhh !

Saturday, 14 January 2017

2016 Downhill Ride in the Garden ?

I swear I had the best of intentions for the garden last year .. however my body had a different plan in mind ... also ? I am stealing borrowing this single picture review format, from Rose and her blog Prairie Rose's Garden  but I said I would fess up so here I am Rose bare bones admission girl  as I said  !

So January ... was "Brrrrr" as expected but I loved the soft sticky snow that hugged this little tree.

Feburary some how has mysteriously disappeared in my photo file ... I kid you not ... BIG sigh !

March .. not so much of the garden but of my enthusiasm ?

April .. OK .. my pride of certain hellebore came before my fall which followed a few months later.

May ... well I am spoiled for choice and it took me a long time but this shot is what I ended up with.
Who can ignore a full mound of tulips right ?

June .. One of my favorite vignettes by the rock/water feature and my sweet Japanese maple or that shock of red.

July .. I didn't want to fall for lilies due to my aversion of the dreaded BEETLE ... but ? who could ignore the beauty of this dusty pink lily ... Beetle be damned (squished and rid of !!)

August had to be a long shot of this part of the garden .. it just overflowed with plants and made me smile ... you need that in your garden ... smiles !

September .. yet another long shot in the shadier part of the garden .. still lush and beautiful

October ... a shock of colour from my Tiger Eye Sumac .. and no I haven't had trouble with "babies" popping up .. and no , I don' give it some kind of birth control! haha 

November .. OK ... Solomon's Seal totally took me over ... that unbelievable pale almost lemon colour from it's original green was amazing !

December .. I know ... hard to believe we have such amazing colour in December but that is what our pre-winter ? months have been like ... and this spirea amazed me .. I love spireas and this is a beauty.

So .. my take on 2016 ... it started out not too bad .. but my body just went downhill by June.
Thankfully we had a sprinkler system put in and it couldn't have been better timing with our record breaking drought .. it saved my garden.
This is such a general post I want to do other post on individual plants I have really taken to and some that I did NOT !
Stay tuned   : )

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

January Dregs

Here I am sitting in my unmentionables .. well .. not that bad .. maybe ... but the atmosphere in my "Garden Office" is rather .. shall we say not in much of a garden mood ... I am hoping that will improve over time ?
So far all those New Year resolutions are also rather dodgy .. haven't jumped into that pool of commitment as of yet .. but I do have to see the treadmill as I pass it to get to the laundry room.
It gives me the evil eye ...
I have meant to visit all the wonderful gardeners that have stopped by .. I just haven't gotten the energy up ... yet ... but I didn't want to have my blog look like it was deserted so I thought this little blurb would help keep it "alive" until I get my brain cells organized (if that is possible)
Hope everyone is cozy and warm and thinking garden thoughts !

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Question for Gardeners

The logic of leaf cover has had Garden PA scratching his head ... and I actually understand his conundrum.
To top it off , after HEARING our leaf blower/sucker grind noises into my head I repeated about fifty thousand times "go get a new one !!" ... finally much to the relief of my ear drums and perhaps neighboring ear drums .. he did ... and even a new one is almost as noisy.
I know, ear plugs, we did.
OK .. so now for the question .. when you shut down your garden for winter .. do you use leaf litter for mulch ?
My logic is suck up the "whole" leaves .. mulch through blower, and then use it for cover.
Whole leaves might stop rain/snow from "moisturizing" (girly term) the soil thus the plant.
Cut up leaves cover but also leave the area open for that moisture.
Poor Garden PA just does what he is instructed to do .. forget how neat and clean things looked before the BACKWARD? step

Speaking of odd things .. which happens a lot in my garden anyways.
How about this Parsley fern looking incredibly green and lush !
The heuchera below it looks amazing as contrast to it ...
One of my favorites is Golden Spirit cotinus .. I am trying to train it into a small tree as I once had.
Gorgeous leaves right ?
Do you have "hardy cyclamen" ? .. I planted bulbs last Autumn and now ? it has foliage ?
Should I have hope there will be flowers next August ?
The two Autumn Ferns I have in different places in the garden are GREEN and lush.
Probably not for long now because a hard cold front is coming our way finally.
It has been unnaturally warm .. actually going up to 19 or 20 today ... this is not right !!
The hellebore bed has been tucked in with a bit of compost and peat moss.
Fingers crossed for some pretty flowers next Spring!
A look down the main drag.
My first perennial euphorbia and it is quite an amazing little plant.

Some of the spireas have held on to gorgeous colour as this little one has.
This mini me grass (Piglet .. I think) just caught my eye because it tried so hard this season.
In the end the leaves from our Pacific Sunset Maple grabbed my attention from start to finish.
I love this tree and it is the heart of the back garden ... do you have a "heart" to your garden as well?