Tuesday, 2 August 2016

When your "passion" bears fruit ...

Well .. surprise is one way of describing what Garden PA pointed out to me .
How it escaped me ?? has me wondering just how many brain cells really have packed up and left "home" ... leaving my garden brain section in a questionable state.
Here is the amazing little fruit !
The vine is leaning against the side of the house on the deck so all this summer heat may be encouraging it.
We are hoping to see more developing ... have you ever eaten passion flower fruit ?
So .. what else is my poor garden with missing gardener doing on it's own ?
It still appears full and lush .. we had such a tiny bit of rain yesterday, it was a TEASE.
The sprinklers are now set for every odd morning now .. 5:30 ... trying for the best time in the morning so refresh and revitalize ?
Meanwhile ... Casa Blanca finally opened.
I know it seems I am too centered on lilies  ... but they have been such beauties in this ghastly heat.
As for other plants ?
My containers are still surviving ... I manage to run out and water them, nightgown and all .. ugh !
I made them from basic baskets bought at Home Depot but they have become Frankenstein pots !
"Black Rattlers" from the baptisia .... I consider them Halloween decorations .. go figure ?
Helenium and Golden Jubilee hyssop are so pretty together as they mature.
Different astilbe bloom in succession .. Delft Lace is gorgeous beside My Monet weigela.
Little Lime ... is lime
Southern Bush Honeysuckle is blooming yet again ....
And ... very hungry butterflies will linger longer for you to take pictures of them.
This poor wee one had a tear in it's wing ...
So here we are into August and I am setting a record for not being in the garden .. the guilt is tremendous but there is little that I can do at the moment, other than feel GUILTY.
Yet I make plans, and ? order garden books on sale from Lee Valley ... go figure ?

Monday, 25 July 2016

Mystery Lilies Revealed

I have been such a terrible gardener of late ... the heat, and NO rain cycle, has me crazy .. well .. crazier than usual and that is BAD.
Ignoring all of that my gardens have been literally saved by the new sprinkler system and I am one grateful gardener.
So now that I have gotten the mea culpa over with ... on with what has been happening in the garden of late.
Mystery lilies have been such a smiling surprise : )
Poking through the "jungle"
"Update" on the name of said mystery lilies "Muscadet" ... a true beauty !

I really have to look up what name it is .. I love the simple beauty and those pink freckles.
I am still waiting for my Casa Blanca lilies to open which is setting a record for being late for the party this year !

The roses are doing better than ever (once we got over the  ..ugh .. aphid thing)
I think they are loving the HEAT.
Climbing rose compassion is a beauty !

Other parts of the garden are also loving the heat I think .. they seem to be blooming their little boots off ..
The bees and insects galore have been in full party mode enjoying the buffet

My two smaller sized buddleia are enjoying their freedom to stretch out which in turn has me rethinking their positions .. too crowded is the flashing sign over head that I keep seeing of course.

A new plant I became enticed to buy was from Gracie's garden (Gardening with Grace) a lobelia that was impossibly PINK , her signature colour .. which seems to becoming mine as well.
It is an odd looking plant and I am not sure it will over winter but here it is.
 Is that PINK or what ?
On to light blue ? .. I have fallen for this compact Japanese aster .. I hate dealing with asters that are too tall and floppy .. a pain in the garden butt ... this cultivar is perfect for me !
I highly recommend it !
Last shot to have a smirk over is our Sophie waiting ever so patiently for the incredible "Mr Chips"
Our trained ? (he trained us actually) chipmunk who has such a hoard of sunflower seeds I am in fear of what will irrupt out of the garden next year ?
In any case , the "dish" is set and so is Sophie !

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Pearls, the Girls and OOPS !

Well this heat just won't quit and the rain just won't fall even though they are baiting us with some forecasted tomorrow .. I will believe it when I see it !!
Meanwhile .. I am still in slug mode neglecting the garden but it seems to be carrying on without me.
I am too lucky to believe .. the sprinkler system is a miracle for us both ... phew !!

The "pearls" .. in regards to my cimicifuga.
I have a few different kinds so their blooming goes through out the season.
This first one is my starter ... she has survived living next to our big Pacific Sunset maple.

Veronicastrum is similar in shape but not a pearl type of girl.
Lavender Towers is a big one and I do have to split her in the Autumn .. when this blasted heat gives up eventually.
She is a statement piece  because of the height .. taller than I and I am 5'9"
Blooming all season as you dead head her .. she takes hair ? cuts very well!

Now for some awesome lilies that have really caught my attention.
I planted them last Autumn and I still have to look up in my log book what the name is but wow that soft dusty pink is gorgeous!
Is she not a beauty ? ... and yes .. I know .. I have a couple of lily beetles admiring them too.
These are my mystery lilies at another part of the garden.
So far so good with strength and few beetles thankfully.
The "Knee High" sweet peas have been amazing.
I cut flowers every few days and the scent is fantastic.
I have tried growing a perennial sweet pea before but it never quite took.
These, even though annual .. I would keep growing because the flowers are so enticing : )
To my office
To how delicious these little flowers are for eyes and nose

Question ... when is a crocus not a crocus ? ... and how does one enjoy them if one has a CRAZY chipmunk who devours them all ?
Judge for yourself
Now really .. how close can you come to what looks like a crocus but isn't ?
Mr. Chips doesn't bother these ones thankfully.
Lastly a tree full of flowers that isn't from said tree.
My old lilac tree has just about given up the ghost so it is now a still living structure for "The President" clematis which hopefully will bloom a long time making it look very beautiful .

Now for the OOPS .... I am too embarrassed to say I totally dropped the ball on early watering of one of my oldest Japanese maples "Crimson Queen" ... I feel terrible about it all.
It is now suffering the delayed reaction to the Spring drought and looks so sad.
I can only make sure it is well watered now and cross my fingers for next year.
Here is the ghastly evidence
How I could have let this happen is a dig at my garden soul ...  no matter how much you think you know and have learned for so many years, you can still stumble and have a resounding BooBoo !

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Rain , are you on vacation ?

Many of us gardeners in south eastern Ontario are wondering if "Rain" is on vacation.
Why didn't "Rain" explain that this was going to happen .. that it needed a change of scenery, to let down its ... well ... rain ? and relax else where rather than here where we are missing it tremendously.
"Rain" should be aware that it is teaching us a lesson ... and if not "Rain's" doing.
 Climate change or perhaps we can be more personal and say "Mother Nature" ?
Is she telling us "you better wake up people because things are changing and you have to go with the flow or lack there of"
Does this mean more drought tolerant native plants for gardeners ?
To stop fussing with "fussy" plants because they just don't cut it any more ..
Are we being TOLD in no uncertain terms it is time to CHANGE and sooner rather than later.
All these points are running through my head .. even though I have been so fortunate to have a sprinkler system installed this year .. yes .. I am very spoiled .. yet I am dead serious about not relying on it too much and rethinking plants even though I have been trying to go more drought tolerant and natural the past few years as it is.
Will you be rethinking as well ?
I just visited Barb's blog and read that she is thinking some what the same ideas as well while she recuperates from her back complaining to her ? LOL
She has some great books on her reading list you might want to have a peek at too.

Mean while just a few pictures of the garden end June .. early July .. those droplets are from the luxury of a little rain and the sprinkler system.

I hadn't noticed how pretty Bressignham Beauty astlibe flowers were until I took that moment.

Buds on the Butterfly Weed

The roses


A look backwards
All shot in the morning shadows .. not the best lighting but quiet (not windy) and cool.
Finally my favourite area (I forgot to turn the fountain on ..oops!)
In any case .. July is going to be just as dry if not dryer ... so my gardening mind is forever turning over on what changes should be made ...