Saturday, 19 November 2016

Question for Gardeners

The logic of leaf cover has had Garden PA scratching his head ... and I actually understand his conundrum.
To top it off , after HEARING our leaf blower/sucker grind noises into my head I repeated about fifty thousand times "go get a new one !!" ... finally much to the relief of my ear drums and perhaps neighboring ear drums .. he did ... and even a new one is almost as noisy.
I know, ear plugs, we did.
OK .. so now for the question .. when you shut down your garden for winter .. do you use leaf litter for mulch ?
My logic is suck up the "whole" leaves .. mulch through blower, and then use it for cover.
Whole leaves might stop rain/snow from "moisturizing" (girly term) the soil thus the plant.
Cut up leaves cover but also leave the area open for that moisture.
Poor Garden PA just does what he is instructed to do .. forget how neat and clean things looked before the BACKWARD? step

Speaking of odd things .. which happens a lot in my garden anyways.
How about this Parsley fern looking incredibly green and lush !
The heuchera below it looks amazing as contrast to it ...
One of my favorites is Golden Spirit cotinus .. I am trying to train it into a small tree as I once had.
Gorgeous leaves right ?
Do you have "hardy cyclamen" ? .. I planted bulbs last Autumn and now ? it has foliage ?
Should I have hope there will be flowers next August ?
The two Autumn Ferns I have in different places in the garden are GREEN and lush.
Probably not for long now because a hard cold front is coming our way finally.
It has been unnaturally warm .. actually going up to 19 or 20 today ... this is not right !!
The hellebore bed has been tucked in with a bit of compost and peat moss.
Fingers crossed for some pretty flowers next Spring!
A look down the main drag.
My first perennial euphorbia and it is quite an amazing little plant.

Some of the spireas have held on to gorgeous colour as this little one has.
This mini me grass (Piglet .. I think) just caught my eye because it tried so hard this season.
In the end the leaves from our Pacific Sunset Maple grabbed my attention from start to finish.
I love this tree and it is the heart of the back garden ... do you have a "heart" to your garden as well?

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Sea of Leaves and ?

It is a "sea of leaves" in the back garden .. beautiful yet teasing me because I still have to do some kind of clean up and plant those 30 tulips I have left ... yes .. I am coming .. I really am !

All kinds of talk about the "super" moon ... I have had bad luck getting a good picture as of yet.
This "skeleton" shot is rather neat though .
It can be an amazing gold orange ... but this is all I have so far .. BIG sigh !

OK ... so what shrub do I so totally love this Fall ? ... Fothergilla !
If you don't have one you really should because it is an all season type of shrub and wow .. it cranks colour out in the Autumn that is simply gorgeous !
Can you spot it on the right side .. put your glasses on !
Now how pretty is that?
It is also called "witch alder"another Halloween aspect which is always fun!
As for the exact cultivar, probably Mount Airy.
I prune it to the size and shape I want and it takes hard pruning very well.
I have decided to try and get another one next year .. I have the perfect spot for it !
I like having my favorite plants in 2's .. just in case !
Another favorite one I doubled up with is this gorgeous blueberry shrub "Blueberry Glaze"
It did produce blueberries this year even with just planting it .. now gorgeous colour  for Autumn.
What more can you ask for ?
I know ... again with this rose thing ? ... I couldn't help myself because it is just so beautiful in the half shade .. the vivid green of the foliage .. the roughness of the wood ... click on it and really see it.
One last shot of some magic morning light through the last of the leaves on our maple.
She will be nude soon .. she was a wonderful shielding companion all Spring and summer.
We will miss her until it is time to start the whole process all over again that I hope to see next year.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Mission & Mysteries

First the scary thing ...
Yes ... a prelude I think to the coming "bad" winter forecast by the Farmer's Almanac .. ugh !
I then did this ... a lot !
 Then the second of November .. the mission (almost did me in !!)
There is a big bag of tulips (red & white for Canada's 150th birthday next year) missing from this picture and drove me nuts trying to find it .. yet to be planted now of course ! !@##!!!*
For now just some pretty late Fall pictures of an unkempt garden ..

Remarkable edging of the fothergilla .. looks like someone carefully painted it on.
The birds love these berries .. I brought this upright shrub home as a "twig"
This climbing rose totally fascinated me with it's struggle to stay alive and look pretty
The deep rose of Little Lamb turned to brown beige and it's leaves a gold with the contrast of the ivy on the water barrel in scarlet with some green left  .. so colourful !
I love the light play on particular plants .. this gold band grass was amazing
It illuminated the hydrangea foliage

.... and the grass seed heads
Solomon's Seal shines in the shade
When the afternoon light hits this amazing Japanese maple it is stunning.
I have to finish with at least one leaf from our gorgeous Pacific Sunset Maple, our friendly giant of the back garden ... it is still holding on to it's leaves but when they drop ... talk about knee deep in leaves !

Friday, 21 October 2016

Missing October ......

October ... where did you go ? ..... it is my favorite month and yet I let you slip through my fingers.
 The stunning flash of colours that thrill me .... such as my little Autumn Brilliance serviceberry.
The junior Tiger Eye Sumac that is like a beacon of light in the back garden .. you spot it from any where ..  behind the massive baptisia with it's black rattles poking straight up.
Even while blurred, it steals the show
The massive "giant grass" is truly giant this year and flowering to boot !
Who knew these mop heads would be so pretty waving in the breeze.
The Porcelain Berry vine ... berries eaten promptly by the birds who may already know this coming winter is going to be harsh, according to the Farmer's Almanac that is.
This vine can be a bit of a monster so beware if you are lusting after the gorgeous berries.
A wonderful surprise is a delicate thalictrum still flowering ... thank you !
The almost shocking deep rose of Little Lamb hydrangea ... perfection !
I am holding on to the hope that this new Harlequin buddleia will make it through the predicted harsh winter and bloom for me next year.
Once again my beautiful sumac ...the colours I adore for Autumn.
I dedicate this post to my sister who died far too young at the age of 50, of colon cancer ..
Her birthday is tomorrow and it will be a sad day to get through, but I want to remember the happier times we shared as kids.
We both loved October and the thrill of Halloween .. I am thinking of you Leah.